Streamlining Email Campaigns with Automation: How Happy Hippo Bakery Leverages MarketHaus

When Happy Hippo Bakery faced the challenge of managing time-intensive manual processes for scheduling pickups and deliveries, they asked how it could be better. This case study explores how integrating MarketHaus with automation tools transformed Happy Hippo Bakery's operational efficiency and customer engagement.
Mar 2, 2024

New Product Features on the Horizon at MarketHaus!

🚀 Introducing Nested Product Categories and Custom Attributes at MarketHaus
Nov 16, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Product Ratings in E-commerce

In the bustling digital marketplace, product ratings aren't just numbers—they're the currency of trust and a compass for quality. For any e-commerce site, including innovative platforms like MarketHaus, leveraging product ratings is like harnessing the wind for sailors: it's a way to propel your business forward in a sea of competition.
Nov 7, 2023

Autumn Action (Admin Updates)

Create a sale with our new price lists page, add photo galleries to your store to showcase your products, and checkout a new site we are working with. We have a lot to update you with, so let's dive right in!
Oct 31, 2023

Transforming E-commerce with MarketHaus: Leveraging Composable Commerce and MedusaJS

MarketHaus, a forward-thinking e-commerce solution, is revolutionizing the industry by harnessing the power of composable commerce and MedusaJS.
Jun 27, 2023

Boost Your E-commerce Store's SEO: A Comprehensive Guide to Drive More Traffic

By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can increase your online visibility, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately boost sales.
May 31, 2023

Increase The ROI Of Your Email Marketing: The Power Of Good Email Copy

A good email program can scale a company’s revenue in record time. That’s because it’s more personal than social media.
Mar 16, 2023

Suivos Finds Success on Amazon

With a focus on the minimalist aesthetic and affordable pricing, Suivos has found success utilizing data marketing tools and sponsoring their products on Amazon.
Mar 5, 2023

Growing a Garden and an E-Commerce Store

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jenn, co-founder of All About The Garden, to learn more about her journey, how she got started, and what she has learned along the way.
Feb 14, 2023

An Icy Hot Understanding of Customer Lifetime Value

Knowing your customer's lifetime value allows you to better understand the true value of each customer and make decisions based on that information.
Feb 10, 2023