Burks Creations

Founded in the midst of COVID in January 2021, Burks Creations, led by Texas A&M alumni Travis and Ande Burks, evolved from a garage hobby to a full-time family business in College Station, Texas. Specializing in unique, handcrafted gifts, the business embodies a love for woodworking and dedication to customer joy. Emphasizing family values and community support, Burks Creations also contributes to scholarships for fellow Aggies. Join their story on social media @burkscreations.


Established in 2013 on Magazine Street, New Orleans, Raw Republic has dedicated itself to offering products that foster positive change in its consumers. The brand is known for its commitment to using only the most essential, life-transforming ingredients in their juices, smoothies, and foods. With a growing presence, including locations in New Orleans and Austin, Raw Republic continues to be a beacon of wellness and healthy living. @rawrepublicjuice

Robison & Co.

Founded by two creative sisters-in-law, Robison & Co. blends style and precision in their unique product range. Specializing in bags, shirts, and towels, their items are distinctively adorned with faith-based and seasonal designs, reflecting a deep passion for creativity and personal expression. @robisonandco

Little Dreamer Coffee

Nestled in Houston, TX, Little Dreamer Coffee is a local artisanal coffee spot known for its finest beans and delicious bottled brews. They offer a unique experience of watching beans being roasted on-site, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Catering to a wide audience, they provide consulting for those aspiring to open their own coffee shops and set up wholesale relationships.

PugTown ATX

PugTown ATX is your destination for a variety of handmade items that are as enjoyable to make as they are to own. Featuring an eclectic mix of handmade products, the store reflects a deep commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and fun items. For more insight into the store's personal journey and its pug-centric ethos, the PugTown-ATX Blog offers a deeper look into the pug-filled passion.

Jacob Tezak

Jacob Tezak's artistic journey, rooted in wood and metal work, naturally evolved into leather craftsmanship, driven by a passion to preserve traditional trades. Inspired by the craftsmen of old, Jacob creates handcrafted leather goods, supported by platforms like MarketHaus. His mission is to offer products that develop a unique character over time, reflecting the lifestyle of each owner, and are proudly handmade by an American craftsman. @jacobtezak